Financial & Insurance


If your loved one is on Medicaid, it is accepted at the Villa. The way that Medicaid works is the income that your loved one gets, e.g. social security or pension is solely used to pay for the room at the Villa. They get an assistance payment per month for incidentals and the rest pays for the room. The State of Missouri compensates provides compensation to the Villa in the form of a small cash grant per month to help pay for the room. The following is an example:

Medicaid residents sometimes, dependent upon occupancy levels, are required to share rooms.

For more information on the Medicaid program contact the Department of Family Services in Shelbyville, MO at 573-633-2250.


Many long term care insurance policies will pay for your stay at the Shelbina Villa. Just give us the information and we will take care of the rest in working with the company to make sure that they take care of your claims.